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If you want to embark upon a career that will allow you to have an active and creative lifestyle, meet interesting people, and get paid well for it too (more than USD 100,000 annually) then photography is the best choice for you.

After graduating from a photography school you will be able to really prove yourself in spheres such as: Portrait Photography, Photojournalism, and Photo-advertising. In spite of the rapid development of digital photography, which is becoming more and more affordable, the value of high-quality professional pictures is continuing to grow.

Photography courses usually cover a wide range of topics with subject modules in: The history of photography, Art history, Photographic equipment, Photographic processes, and Techniques in photography. Colour theory, computer processing of images, photographic illustration, and some training according to specific genres, such as, architectural photography, may also be included in the educational program.

In most schools students are taught the essentials of the photography business, copyright protection, and how to interact correctly with clients and customers. In addition to this, during the training process students have an opportunity to create their own portfolio of photographs under the guidance of well-known professional photographers. This is an excellent beginning to any future career in photography.

While learning the art of photography, you are likely to study subjects, such as: Graphic design, cinematography and visual journalism. This will allow you to broaden your horizons when it comes to choosing a profession. It will also provide a fuller understanding of the industry and allow you to achieve high-quality results in your creative work. It is well worth considering photography schools that offer this type of multidisciplinary approach.


When choosing the right school, it is important to consider the range of degrees on offer. These will usually be AA, BFA, and MFA degrees in photography. Which of these degrees you decide to take will depend on the desired period and depth of study, as well as financial considerations. Schools that offer more types of degrees provide more scope for further study.

Graduate success

Nothing says more about the quality of a school's teaching than the success of its graduates. When selecting a school, try to gauge the professional level of its students by browsing their portfolios. Just how sought after are these graduates in their chosen fields? Many educational institutes pride themselves on the success of their former students and talk about their achievements in establishing businesses or working for large companies, such as: Apple, Universal Studios, Adidas.

Learn from the professionals

Pay close attention to the list of staff members at your chosen school. Learning from successful professionals will improve your own chances of carving out a fruitful career in the future. Certain schools and institutes are able to attract leading photographers, who take time out from their busy schedules to provide master classes and share their valuable experience with students. These professional speakers provide real industry insights, explain how to advance your career, work with clients and start your own business.

This website has been created for prospective students in order to help them find the most suitable photography school depending on its location, training program and course duration. The website contains useful information and the contact details of the most famous photography schools and photography colleges. These institutions have produced some of the world's best photographers and are renowned for their high standards of teaching.

On the website you will find request forms for sending an inquiry to each school of photography. Send the necessary information about yourself, and you will be sent illustrated catalogues and other materials, from which you will be able to obtain all the information you need about each photography school.

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